0.8.2 whats up?


just wondering what are the news for 0.8.2. when are the plans to release it. what are possible new features or is it just a bug fix release.

dont intend to preassure the devs its just curiosity really

cheers :)

0.8.2 should be released soon. We are already in feature/string freeze.
It will not contain any major new features besides a project archive tool and the backup thing announced here: http://www.kdenlive.org/users/j-b-m/feature-week-kdenlive-backups.
However it comes with a lot of bugfixes and tweaks.
Have a look at the changelog here: http://kdenlive.svn.sf.net/viewvc/kdenlive/trunk/kdenlive/CHANGELOG

Hi, This are many suggest for the next versions:
1) Specify clip's speed by click button dx of mouse.
2) Use fade in and out for text clip
3) When i capture video i want to see how many seconds i have captured
4) Use safe margin in monitor
5) Send timeline to firewire for tape export
6) Import files from network


i love really kdenlive!
next month i will teach this kdenlive to 20 students!
this is first experience on my life.
but i wanted not say for new feature but i need: www.kdenlive.org does to send me email automatic for announcement and new version this is possible? like newletters?

you could subscribe to the RSS feed