1280x720HD rendering profile needed

My installation of Kdenlive 0.8.2 came without DVD rendering profiles. I would like to create a DVD from NTSC .mov clips shot at 1280x720. I couldn't find any on the rendering profiles site. Where would I find such a profile or how can I create one?



Kdenlive only exports using the same settings as the project profile being used. If you want to create a DVD, you need to set your project profile to a DVD profile. Then when you go to render, you will see DVD profiles available in the export settings.

You set the Project Profile to match what your final output is going to be, not what your sources are.

It doesn't matter what profile I set my project to. There are no DVD rendering profiles for ANY of the project profiles. I go down the list in the config wizard and none of the choices have any DVD rendering profiles. Even "adjust profile to current clip" does not help. Currently, I'm rendering to mp2 (file rendering) then use ffmpeg to convert to vob, then burn to DVD with kdenlive's DVD wizard. The results are quite horrible but at least I have something to look at.


You aren't going to get HD from a DVD unless you use blueray format
and an AVCHD player:

From "www.mpeg.org" at "/MPEG/DVD/Book_B/Video.html" it says:
MPEG-2 Main Profile @ Main Level allows any coded frame size
between 16 and 720 pixels horizontally and 16 and 576 pixels
and they ought to know!
So when you select destination as DVD on my U.S.TV-format ubuntu box,
with Version, the options NTSC 4:3 vob and NTSC 16:9 vob are
presented on Project -> Render, and the destination parameters in
the script are:

$TARGET f=dvd vcodec=mpeg2video acodec=ac3 s=720x480 vb=6000k maxrate=9000k minrate=0 bufsize=1835008 packetsize=2048 muxrate=10080000 ab=192k ar=48000 g=18 me_range=63 trellis=1 mlt_profile=dv_ntsc pass=1 an=1 threads=2 real_time=-1"

Apparently there are some proprietary forms of mpeg2 that can include
the H264 hi-def codec, but I have been unable to find a way to put any
of my hi-def TV recordings on DVD since the .vob files used on DVD are
just glorified mpeg2 files.

Instead I have been using .mp4 with my son's PS 3: it CAN use
1080p ... altho I save mine in 720p. I would suggest that the 720p
format is plenty good for most TV's and a lot better than the DVD format.
Generally I use about b=4000k for a 720p movie to fit on a single-layer

Setting "adjust profile to current clip" is not going to help you when your sources are 720p. 720p is _not_ NTSC.

You need to set your project to "DV/DVD widescreen" (Project -> Project Settings -> Profile -> DV/DVD Widescreen NTSC).

Then check to see if DVD render profiles show up (Render -> Destination -> DVD).

If then, nothing shows up in the list, then you are missing render profiles for some reason. Otherwise you have just not yet set the project profile correctly.

When I select destination as DVD on my Mageia box, no options appear. There are no parameters. If I use .mp4, Kdenlive's DVD Wizrad will not accept them. I used to be able to render my clips to DVD but something changed so that the options no longer appear. The camera is the same, the clip format is the same, I've configured Kdenlive the same, it's built the same way (Builder Wizard), but the options for DVD no longer appear.

If I want to burn my 1280x720 video clips to a DVD using the included DVD wizard (or any other program), what's the best way to get the best results and have it fit on a single layer DVD disc? Render in mp4, convert to .vob? Render to mpg? Something else?


I used to be able to render my 720p clips to DVD with no problems. (It was DVD quality not 720p) Then there was a software update a couple of months ago that caused Kdenlive to crash every time it was started. Then there was a fix for that crash last month. Now the DVD rendering profiles are missing. They appear if I set the project profile to NTSC or lower resolution.

I installed an earlier version of Kdenlive on another computer and the DVD rendering works for all of the profile settings.

Something got messed up somewhere.

I agree. When I set my project to NTSC or lower, the DVD rendering profiles appear. I don't want to render at a lower resolution than what my video clips were shot at. Something has changed so much so that it's very difficult for me to use Kdenlive now. It crashes all the time and when it doesn't I can't render to DVD unless I lower my clip's resolution. I filed a bug report. I thought of installing the non-SVN version but I keep getting circular dependencies; can't install A because B is missing. Can't install B because A is missing. I guess I'll wait until Kdenlive0.8.2.1 hits the Mageia repositories.

Mageia 2010

There have been problems with the users' ~.kde/share/config/kdenliverc files here and then after upgrade. Did you try to delete it and then run kdenlive anew so it checks for the available tools? Caveat emptor: I don't know whether the DVD rendering profiles would be affected by an old kdenliverc file or not -- read: I've no clue.

Alas, happy Christmas!

"When I set my project to NTSC or lower, the DVD rendering profiles appear. I don't want to render at a lower resolution than what my video clips were shot at."

That's the whole point. People were having problems earler with incorrect export endering. It was changed so that if teh frame-rate of your project does not match the frame-rate of the render profile, the render profile will not show up. 720p is at 60000/1001 FPS while NTSC DVD is at 30000/1001 FPS, hence the DVD render profile is not visible. This is not a bug. This was intentional.