1st Video - backstory for SOTM

My photo was put up on SOTM - Someone Once Told Me - at

Someone Once Told Me supplements the photos with audio or video commentary. I created my first video[1] to be the commentary for the photo. It is also the first ever STOM back story video to be done by someone besides the site owner.

It's a simple thing: opening titles, transition, talking head, transition, closing titles.

For those of you with impaired hearing there is closed captioning. I created the sub title file with

YouTube led me to believe the subtitles would be translated to other languages. If this actually happens I'd like to know about it.

Update, I realized I could embed the video here.

[1] Yes, there is also the "Hello I'm Michael of Portland" which is a clip from a still camera. That's just some raw footage I put up to have an avatar at YouTube. Time to re-do.