2 crash video how to get the crash xD

For the crash on crop, are you using the latest version of mlt - 0.3.8? There was a bug fix related to scaling that was fixed the day before that release.

If you are running kdenlive 0.7.3, you should have at least mlt 0.3.8.

An easy way to check in kdenlive is to choose Run Config Wizard from the Settings menu.


Nevermind. I reproduced the crop bug, and I am trying to fix it.

I had some trouble to reproduce the second bug, but I did once inside the debugger, and I added some code to prevent a divide-by-zero error that it triggered. However, I am not confident that is the only problem.

Thank you for making very illustrative videos.

ok i am gonna to compile via svn.

i use mlt 0.3.9

just compiled now

kdenlive(16563) ClipItem::setEffectAt: CHange EFFECT AT: 0 , CURR: "crop" , NEW: "crop"
KCrash: Application 'kdenlive' crashing...

Hello, I am getting the same crash.  I was wondering what the status is?

Using 0.7.3 and 0.3.8 from source on ubuntu jaunty.  Thanks, Geoff

kdenlive(12929) EditEffectCommand::redo: ----  redoing action
kdenlive(12929) ClipItem::setEffectAt: CHange EFFECT AT:  0 , CURR:  "crop" , NEW:  "crop"
kdenlive(12929) EditEffectCommand::redo: ----  redoing action
kdenlive(12929) ClipItem::setEffectAt: CHange EFFECT AT:  0 , CURR:  "crop" , NEW:  "crop"
KCrash: Application 'kdenlive' crashing...

 I spent a few nights trying to figure out the crop bug, but I have not figured it out yet :-/ It is a tough one. It seems to only occur with some extreme cropping, however. If you are just using it to get rid of some bad edges, it might be OK. If you want to trim out black bars, I am not sure - your mileage may vary. Is this the same as you see - only large cropping crashes it? 

 nowardev, I did not yet commit anything to fix the crop bug. I might have fixed the second bug - saving a project with an image clip and then clicking New. Does it work for you? If not, does it crash every time or occassionally?

compiled this morning

cast@woot:~$ kdenlive --version
Qt: 4.5.0
KDE: 4.2.2 (KDE 4.2.2)
Kdenlive: 0.7.4 (rev. 3370)

well ,

they are not a big problems , take it easy :)

i have 2 news

1 - you right i can got the crash only if i use extreme cropping (if you type crop value the bug seems appear less times , it seems like the fast changing of the value makes the crash if you change it slowly it seems work )

2 - yes the second bug it's constantly here. BUT i have seen one time it didn't crash then i retried and it crashed xD well this is the message:
hey they are not a big issue...

kdenlive(13742) Render::setSceneList: // NEW SCENE LIST DURATION SET TO: 0
kdenlive(13742) KdenliveDoc::checkProjectClips: +++++++++++++ + + + + CHK PCLIPS
kdenlive(13742) MainWindow::connectDocument: /////////////////// CONNECTING DOC TO PROJECT VIEW ////////////////
KCrash: Application 'kdenlive' crashing...
kdenlive: Fatal IO error: client killed

I have this bug also. I have tried two machines, both 64 bit Gentoo with Kdenlive 0.7.3 and mlt 0.3.8 and get the crash on both.

Unfortunately for me its more severe than the other posts here. The moment I touch the sliders its gone. Clicking a single increment in the numeric arrow controls kills it instantly too.

Tried rerendering the video to be cropped with ffmpeg first. Tried different resolution projects in kdenlive.
Running out of ideas, any suggestions appreciated.

I like all other aspects of the program immensely. I haven't seen anything that is nearly so intuitive, so it would be great to get past this one.

well you have to compile kdenlive and mlt and mlt++ that's should give you some help.

i am on mlt 0.3.9 and kdenlive 0.7.4 and i can use it if i do very slowly

I just tried uninstalling kdenlive, mlt, mlt++ using the Gentoo package manager, then reinstalling kdenlive and mlt from svn and git.

Same results unfortunately, both with and without the --disable-mmx option on mlt
I tried deleteing kdenlive folder in the home directory and .kde4/share/config/kdenliverc and rerunning. No difference.
I notice a slight improvement in stability if I go for a higher resolution project, eg 1920x1080 25p but not enough to be useable. It let me crop left and right but then died the instant I touched the top slider.


you use gentoo... could you think to use a debian based instead? ,i know , changin distro isn't a good idea but....i was on you i will try ....

look at this


In case it helps, here is a scenario that crashes it.

I select the Clip Monitor and increment the top crop from 0 to 1 by clicking on an arrow.
Select the Project Monitor, and it immidately crashes.

So its nothing to do with the rate of update messages from the scroll bars. The messages that appear in the trancript after clicking the Project Monitor tab are

kdenlive(6836) Render::stop: ///////////// RENDER STOPPED: "clip"
kdenlive(6836) Render::stop: ///////////// RENDER STOP2-------
kdenlive(6836) Render::stop: ///////////// RENDER STOP3-------
kdenlive(6836) Render::start: ----- STARTING MONITOR: "project"
kdenlive(6836) Render::start: ----- MONITOR: "project" WAS STOPPED
KCrash: Application 'kdenlive' crashing...
kdenlive(6836) Render::start: ----- MONITOR: "project" REFRESH
QSocketNotifier: Invalid socket 8 and type 'Read', disabling...
kdenlive: Fatal IO error: client killed

If there are any tests one of the developers would like me to try to help track this down, please let me know.

I'm not at my Ubuntu computer now, but my crash sounds alot more like the one Cellculture describes. I compiled the latest SVN version of kdenlive and MLT 0.4 yesterday so will report back after I try that again.

Although its crashed on all the machines I had tried (3), they had all been 64 bit Gentoo with NVidia graphics cards.
So I just tried something totally different. A Intel Atom based machine running 32 bit Gentoo and using the onboard 950 graphics chip.

Still crashes as soon as I touch the slider to crop from the top :-(

If anyone finds crop stable, perhaps they can they comment on the spec of their system.

Yes, it is another, easier way to trigger the bug; and I will have another look at it in the next evenings; but why are you selecting the clip monitor to adjust the crop?

just compiled now this crop issue is fixed! thank you DD!

I confirm this. Compiled kdenlive from svn and mlt from git and the crash is gone!
Wondeful result, thank you to ddennedy for fixing that. I look forward to making good use of this program now.