2 ideas

I've been using Kdenlive for a while and I think there a few features missing (at least I'd like to have :-)) :
- a easy to use crossfade transition (video + audio) : for instance you just have to overlap two clips and it's done ! (I know I am not the only one to ask for it...), like OpenMovieEditor does (if you need an example)
- when resizing clips it would be nice that preview automatically shows the action you're doing (so it is easy to adjust where you want to cut your clip). at the moment the preview is stuck to whereever the "read cursor" is.
KDE4 version is a very nice version. much more usable according to me that any previous version (I have very few crashes, playing with clips is much faster, etc...).
And please implement the thumbnail cache because it takes about 20 minutes for me before I can use properly the software, because it's loading my thumbnails (yes I have a lot of clips...).
Regards and congratulation for the 0.7 version, as every software for KDE4 it is the begining of a great experience !

Thanks for your feedback. It would be fine if you could create issues for the resize/preview thing. The other things are on our radar, but if you really want Kdenlive to automatically add a crossfade transition on clip overlap, we would also need a new feature request for that, I think.



Hey SuperCow,
Thumbnail caching has just been added on the current SVN version of Kdenlive. You can try it out by running the Kdenlive Builder Wizard at Kde-Apps.org. Using this will give you the latest improvements to Kdenlive every time you run it. There are also instructions for *buntu distro's at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KdenliveSVN. For other distro's you can follow the compiling instructions at the builder wizard page on Kde-Apps.org.
Regarding the simple crossfade feature, I couldn't agree more. In fact, I was about to file that wishlist myself after using the same kind of interface recently on both Ardour and Sony Vegas. It may help to add your voice to the wishlist item on the bugtracker (http://kdenlive.org/mantis).

thanks for your answer. I had some difficulties with creating mantis account this is why I did not do it (I'll give it a try again :-)).
just for my understanding, I was frequently checking the cache thumbnail feature in mantis but it is still not up to date : is it because the feature has "just been added" ? I'll certainly give it a try from svn. thak you.

Ironically, it looks like the code for this is already in SVN, but the only reason that it hasn't been updated on Mantis, is because no one's tested the feature yet.
If you'd like to, just run the Builder Wizard and report on the bug how well (or otherwise) it works for you. All hands on deck! :)

Yes, lack of test is actually the case for a lot of recent cvs commits. I have been swamped in evening meetings for the last week or so, and jb has been very productive. Its all lined up though, I will not miss any changes. Things takes time.


I have just compiled latest SVN version and gave it a try. caching thumbnails seems to be ok. can you confirm that thumbnails are actually saved directly in .kdenlive project file (and not in a separate directory...) ?

my project used to be 107.7 ko and is now (without any modification) 113.2 ko. I guess the thumbnail saving is the difference..

good job anymway, it loads in a few seconds instead of more than 10 minutes !

I've just gone through and cleared everything outstanding Mads.

I think everything is either awaiting user feedback, acknowledged or reported by me (so I'm avoiding confirming).

No point in keeping coders busy with triaging. :o)

No, the thumbnails are not saved in the project file. There is now a "project folder" defined for each Kdenlive project. The default is $HOME/kdenlive for all project, but it can be defined when creating a new project (File->new) or by editing the project properties.

All temporary files (titles, audio and video thumbnails will then be saved in that folder). If you change the project folder (by editing the project properties), all temporary files will be copied to the new location.


I have posted 2 new issues in mantis for my ideas. also posted a bug report for spacer tool. a productive night :-).

I have just finished my first family film with kdenlive 0.7.1 and it is much more usable than 0.5 version used to be (which made me switch to OpenMovieEditor for a while).