2 transitions on one clip

Can't seem to make this work.

Got a 30 second .flv video clip on track 1. Overlay a 5 second black color clip on track 2 and apply Luma transition. Works OK, but then when I try to add another short .flv clip on track 2 and apply a Luma transition from track 1, the second transition does not work.

I'm on Obuntu 9.0.4 and Kdenlive 0.7.3.

Also when I install that library for the additional effects, I can't render anything. That's not too big a deal since I really don't need those, just thought I would mention it.


52 views and no reply, what does that mean???

It works, but on the upper transition, you need to change the track with which it transitions from "Auto" to, for example, "Track 2." See this video tutorial:


Thanks, I started a new project, and it seemed to work fine. I was just using a luma transition from one image to another. Think there was something glitchy going on with the first project. No doubt something I did.

Do you or anyone else know when the Pan and Zoom is going to be available. I would have liked to have been able to put a little movement on some of the images. Composite was just too jumpy.

Overall I like kdenlive, I used Ulead Media Studio Pro when I was on Windows, kdenlive compares well with that.