24 Style Clock generator

Basically Im looking to create a 24 style (As in the TV Series) Clock video.

Ive got a screen of how I want it to look and now I need a way of inserting a start time and
date and the video will generate itself for aslong as I set afterwards.

Im really new to this software and wondered if anyone could help?


Hi Dave,

just to make sure that I understood your needs: You have created a picture of the "24"-clock e.g. with a date and time 2010-12-01 05:30pm. Now you are looking for a place in Kdenlive to enter the target date and time, e.g. 2010-12-24 06:00pm. And then you want Kdenlive to create a picture of the clock for each second between start and stop (or let's say 25 or 30 per second, to have a movie clip)?

If so, you need a different software. Maybe this could be done with some clock generator that creates single frames that can be concatenated with ffmpeg. Maybe there is some clock generator out there that can be customized to look like the 24 clock.

Kdenlive is just a (very good) video EDITING software, which allows you to combine the clip from the clock generator with sound and/or other clips. It is not able to create the picture sequence for your clock automatically. Video editing means, that there has to be some sort of video to be edited. ;-)

Edit: Using the JavaScript provided here (http://www.dotlaunch.com/tools/generators/digiclock.shtml) could be an approach. You would have to customize it, maybe replace the digits and separator by the "real" 24 font and set the time to whatever you need. Then, to get the clock to a clip or a picture, you would have to use a screen capturing tool (and would have a movie clip to use within Kdenlive) or make a screenshot every second and display every picture for a second in Kdenlive.