The 3 Videotiers: using the rotoscopy (or clone) effect


I made this video with kdenlive for my family as they always complain that I'm hardly on photos (being the photographer most of the time) and never on video.
So I decided to use the rotoscopy effect (clone effect) in Kdenlive.
After about 3 weeks I decided to subtitle it (actually supertitle it), as the video is in Dutch, and put it on Youtube and here in the Theatre.

720P HDversion:

I really like this. Very good indeed, especially with three of you. I have never tried this before, so I thought I'd give it a go.

When I had finished and about to watch the final render, my wife walked in, so I said "come and have a look at this". She watched - I walked in and sat down at the table and then I came in the other door and sat down at the other side, me facing me.
She suddenly said "Oh no! that's so scary, that's really, really scary".
"Why?" I asked, and as she walked away she said, "putting up with one of you is enough, let alone TWO"!

Had to laugh......... not sure it she meant it though :-)

I had the same reaction from my wife: "I'm glad I only have to deal with one of you". (and so am I: we have a very big bed, but it would still be very crowded).
On the other hand: she liked the photo with "us" six times on it, but of course: there "we" were silent ;)