30fps [fixed]


I use a Fuji Finepix S 5600 camera for capturing video. Getting a proper video camera is out of the question at the moment, and providing an answer to this post saying just that is unhelpful.

The videos are MJPEG 640x480 @ 30fps

Problem 1: no matter whether I create a PAL or NTSC project, I can not work on the source clipcs without dropping frames - either a very jerky 25fps or loosing less frames using 29.97fps, yet still loosing them. How do I create a new project template to work in 640x480@30fps? A great number of people have this problem, searching on google yields so. If I cannot do this myself, could you please add such an option to the next release?

Problem 2: since my clips are 30fps and no matter what I do I cannot create a 30fps project, I have audio desynch issues. I suppose answering question 1 solves question 2.

The point here is to retain maximum possible quality, so telling me to do a pulldown in Avidemux is also most unhelpful.

Any suggestions?

Does nobody know how to edit a 30fps video in kdenlive without having the rendered result judder?

You can copy one of the profiles in /usr/share/mlt/profiles and edit the frame rate parameters. Then, make sure the kdenlive export profile uses it as well. In the kdenlive export dialog, click an export profile you want to see its options in the disabled text widget below the listbox. Then, copy the options to the clipboard and use them to make a custom export, changing the profile to use your new one.

It seems that Square NTSC is my format for videos only when I check the profile it says 30fps which is correct. But this guy says it is not 30 fps but 29.97. I am talking about this post: http://www.ilovemyjournal.com/?action=view_entry&eid=3891

When pressing play on the time line it goes in shocks not smoothly...


Upgrade to Kdenlive 0.7

Then watch this tutorial explaining how to create custom profiles: