4 channels of audio from Sony PMW-200 XDCAM EX


I just bought the new Sony PMW-200 XDCAM EX, and have been testing it with kdenlive. I can import the mp4 files into kdenlive, and they play fine. But it only recognises one channel of audio, both on the timeline and in the clip properties.

The camera is able to record 4 mono channels of audio. How would I extract or split these channels from the video onto 4 different tracks?

I have tried using Sony's XDCAM clip browser to convert the files to MXF, but it doesn't help. (It did help in the case of Premiere CS4, which then imports the file onto the premiere sequence with 4 separate mono tracks.)



MP4Box from GPAC should do it possibly, it's open source and available from certain distros repositories or ffmpeg possibly.

I can see how one could extract the audio into separate files with MP4Box, although my first attempts did not produce anything usable. As for support for the multiple audio channels from within kdenlive itself, I suppose the answer is no.