4m² : my first narrative short film

Here is the first narrative short film I worked on. It was of course edited with Kdenlive:

Here is the associated release post, where you'll find stills from the movie: http://kevin.deldycke.com/2012/03/first-short-film-4m2-released/

What a pity...

Not available in Germany due to music rights infringement.

Not available in Germany due to music rights infringement.

Really ?!? I have to check this back with the director of the video, as she was quite sure the music copyright was cleared.

Thanks al25fps for the info ! :)

I guess she used music whose performance rights are owned by the German institution GEMA. That is what the screen says.

It is very annoying here in Germany that GEMA and youtube still are in fight about the performance fee (youtube wants to pay 0,5-1 Euro-Cent per click, GEMA wants 8-12). We have this pain since 2009, when a contract ended, which granted youtube the rights to perform any GEMA owned piece for a fixed yearly fee. Since 2010 youtube locks most of the movies using GEMA owned music, but e.g. life concert movies often are not locked. I guess they have it automated for the studio versions of the music.

Thanks al25fps for the clarification. And yes, YouTube has a massive audio and video identification service running behind the scenes. It's called ContentID: http://www.youtube.com/t/contentid

And beside YouTube/GEMA conflicts in Germany, making YouTube to recognize the content you upload is completely legal is a long and hard process. I'm currently trying to clear all the videos produced by my band and it's an absolute hell.