8mm Canon Camcorder


i have a Camcorder Canon UC5000 8mm.  I have a TV card and red/white/yellow jacks.

Does Kdenlive support this kind of camcorder ?

Or how should i capture from this cam ?



This is a analog video camera, right?

You need some more hardware (tv grabber card, or similar), to create some sort of digital representation of the video signal in order to work on it.

You need to digitize the analog format (8mm). You can do this with a gadget called "VCR 2 PC." It costs about $249 US. I don't know who makes it, but it works only with Windows. Once you've got your tape into format, you can simply grab it as a file with Kdenlive.

Good luck!

There are several cheap digitalization cards for GNU/Linux, including for example Hauppauge cards.

I use a Hauppauge WinTV-PVR 250 to do this. It's an older card, but there's similar, more recent cards and devices that do the same via USB. To initiate the capture, at the CLI enter:

ivtv-tune -t us-cable -d /dev/video0 -c 1

For my card I use an S-Video cable, and RCA audio cable in left and right channels on the camcorder.
The audio cable should be in the Hauppauge card, not the sound card.

On the camcorder, the audio cables go into the red and white RCA ports

At the CLI:
cat /dev/video0 > filename.mpg

Start the camcorder.
Press Control-C when done.

There's no on-screen feedback - you have to monitor the video in the camcorder. Not optimal, but that's living in the '90s I guess.

You should look for support of your TV card, if you already own one with video input (I suppose the yellow jack is video and the white/red ones are audio)

Otherwise, borrow a "digital 8" camcorder, most of them support digitizing of analog tapes to the Firewire output. On mine (Sony) I do not even need to alter any settings, just put in an video 8 or Hi8 tape, and run dvgrab...