99 Seconds at Eriksbergsdockan Gothenburg

A mix of sound, video and a sound improvisation I made. Video and sound captured in February 2013.
Kdenlive 0.9.2 have been used to produce this video.
:-) Daniel

Graet video Daniel!

I like it! Is it possible you can publish how you made it inside? Time ago it someone did music video and published how it looked inside. Is good material to learn how to use kdenlive.

I have also an idea thanks to your title. We van also made a kdenlive contest called "99 seconds", where video should have 99 seconds and have to be done in kdenlive and show how those video were made. People could fund some prize and we could have some fun and good projects and promote more kdenlive :)))

Thanks for the comment on my video...
This 99 Seconds video is my first of this type. I plan to release more and use this short video format to explore colours and sound. With a video that short it is possible to put a lot of time in every part of the video; which I like.
Right now I do not have a behind the scene of this video but I can tell you about some of the details. The comple video where shot on the same day using a Canon 7D and a 50 mm lens. I used the Cinestyle Picture Style. The sound is a mix of an improvisation I made, for this video, using a Korg Wavedrum and a BOSS RC-30 loop pedal. Most of the other sounds you here where recorded on location using a Zoom H4n and a Rode NTG1 microphone. Some sounds where recorded a few weeks earlier; especially the running water you can hear.

I have another thread in the forum:
That is a Music Video I made and it has a behind the scene that expose some part of the cerative process. Enjoy!

About a 99 Seconds Video format contest. Why not!

:-) Daniel

Could you do something like here:

And how this ^^ was done in kdenlive:

About "99 seconds" video contest - is it possible to make any fundrasing to kdenlive team or somwhere else?