add effect to whole project


is there any way to add an effect to whole project?

for example, adding contrast to all clips.

i've tried to make a huge selection but once added i have to edit one by one all settings.

in audio this is usually done by selecting "master" channel, is there anything like this in kdenlive?

You can use the 'Paste Effects' command from the Edit menu to paste effects (and their settings) from one clip to another.

When selecting multiple clips and trying this I got a consistent crash so save before you try this! I have filed a bugreport for it.

adding effects to several selected clips works great, but removing doesn't work on all clips.

even if they are grouped i must remove effects one by one.

is this intended?

must i file a bug?

I've run into this too. A way to edit and/or remove all of the same effects at once could be a time saver when you have more than a few clips you want to change.

The bug I filed is fixed already! :)

Anyway if you have an idea for Kdenlive you can either post it in mantis (read first ), post it in the forum where it probably belongs (go to the brainstorming section ) or even better, join the developers and help code it yourself! (see )

geoffrey: i've found a way to modify all effects. first you have to add and modify an effect on just one clip. then you save it (disk icon on effects window) and finally you use that saved effect on all selected clips.

weevil: thanks for the info. i can't code more than few line on bash, so im sad not beeing usefull here :(

i'll file a bug anyway.


some time ago, I made a proposal about a master channel as it can be found i a bunch of similar (audio) applications. It looks like such a feature would be the perfect solution for your current issue.