Adding certain clips causes instant crash

I've been using kdenlive for a little while and it's been lovely (if a bit temperamental and prone to random crashing). Recently however I wanted to edit some videos my phone took, but as soon as I try to add them, kdenlive crashes. I did my best to search the forum for the answer, but since "add clip" and "crash" were taken out of my search, I couldn't do much, so I apologise if this problem's been dealt with already.

My phone is the Nokia E61i, and it takes videos in mp4 format. In kdenlive I hit the add clip button, choose the file and when I click open the program just vanishes and gives me the KDE crash handler. It's consistent with all videos coming from my phone, which is frustrating. I've tried re-encoding the videos (via VLC player), but that didn't change a thing. As a side note, kdenlive often crashes on starting after I've attempted to add one of these clips.
I don't know what information you need, but I can reproduce the crash consistently every time, so I can give you more information.

This is kinda frustrating, since I wanted to use clips from my phone. If nobody can solve this, can anybody suggest a different video editor I could use with these clips that's reasonably flexible. I run Kubuntu and have XP in virtual box, so there's bound to be something else. I'd like to get kdenlive working though, I like it.