adding clip causes overwrite mayhem

Hey, guess kdenlive just got updated, am on fedora with Version 0.9.6 of kdenlive.

When I try and add a video clip, I get this endless cycle of "doing this will over write the file with itself, rename" then i go, ok, rename it, it goes round again and just keeps asking me to rename so I don't overwrite. I have never seen anything quite so mad in kdenlive, and I have seen a few crazy things!

I wonderd if it was cause I was editing on an external cady drive but problem remains if I move files onto my internal drive. No idea, but kdenlive is literally unusable for me till this gets fixed

Anyone know whats going on? Can anyone replicate?



to update, I can sometimes get one clip in after a reboot, video or audio, but then the problem starts again with the second clip adding

I am having the same issue on Ubuntu 13.04 64bit with Kdenlive 0.9.6. I have attached a screen shot. I did a test project which worked. When I tried to do a second one, this issue cropped up. I have looked at folder permissions in Ubuntu and settings in Kdenlive. Perhaps this is an MLT issue?

I enter a new filename and it comes up again, saying that the NEW filename would be overwritten. It seems to be writing a file BEFORE it saves it, if that makes sense.