Adding supported filetypes

How do I go about adding supported filetypes?

I have a Panasonic camera that creates .MOD files. AFAICT these are fairly ordinary mjpeg files but I can't figure out how to get them into kdenlive. They don't show up in the clips file browser. If I rename them .avi, they import just fine and work just like .avi files.

I've set up the file types via kcontrol; no joy. What do I need to do to get kdenlive to treat .MOD like .AVI?



you can drag and drop them into the project (it's not a solution, i know)

Unfortunately kdenlive seems to treat those files as static images...

If I leave them as .mod files, kdenlive inserts the clip with the appropriate runtime but won't play them. If I rename them .avi, kdenlive will insert and play them just fine....


I can drag'n'drop them on my computer, damn thing is while Kdenlive gives me the video, I can't get audio to work. Kdenlive calls the clips "Mute Video Clips." They'll work fine in a media player, but I can't get the audio into Kdenlive.

I tried renaming them to .dv and .avi but it didn't work.

so, if you are really desperate and don't have that many clips, extract the audio and then import those files too... double the work and double the trouble, but if there's no other way...

Thanks for the tip regarding .mod files. I have actually been converting them to .dv with ffmpeg and am glad that this is not actually necessary.

Another container format I have problems with is .ogg, seeing that Kdenlive treats all .ogg files as audio files. As a workaround, renaming the files to .ogm does work.

:!: I have the same camera problem and would very much like to have a viable and comfortable video editing option under linux/KDE.

I hereby promise to pay to the authors of kdenlive the amount of
EUR 100
as soon as the authors release a (non-beta) 0.6 version of kdenlive based on KDE 4, that smoothly (without prior renaming or recoding) works with the .mod named (actually mpeg2) files created by Panasonic digital video cameras. Please let me know if you need any example files.

I also would like to see an option to open a directory hierarchy of small .mod files, but this is not as urgent as the other matter.

Best regards

Moritz Moeller-Herrmann