Adding text on video

I'm using Ubuntu 12.4 LTS and Kdenlive 4.8.3. I was wondering how to add text over video. I'm in the middle of this project and all I have left is to put names to identify who's talking on the bottom corner of clips. This project is due in a couple of days, so I would appreciate any type of help. Thanks!

The way I like to do it, if I'm adding text over a clip, is to first move the timeline cursor to where I want the text so the image shows in the project monitor. Then, Menu - Project - Add title clip. At the bottom click on 'Show background' so you can see exactly what your text will look like over the clip.

Click the text button and click on the screen roughly where you want your text. You can still re-size and move your text afterwards, change font, colour and a border if you wish. When done, click ok and the title clip appears in your Project Tree. Drag it to where you want over the clip and a Composite transition should automatically be applied. If not, add one. Oh yes, you can also drag the Title clip to any length you want.

You can also use Key frames to fade the text in and out if you want.