Adding a title clip, and making it actually render

Hi people.

I've returned to have another stab at kdenlive. I'm trying to render some text on a video. I've added a title clip with the desired text & colour. I see it appear in the project tree. I drag it down onto the timeline. I've also managed to get a 'composite' effect ( or something ... a red box thing in the timeline ), placed it over the video and title tracks. Nothing happens - I only see the video in the preview window. Also if I export, I only see the video. I've tried playing with the 'Opacity' setting. This also has no effect.

How do I get the title track composited over the video?



The title clip should be placed on the track above the video track, and the composite transition between these 2 tracks. If that does not work, can you tell me which Kdenlive version you are using and attach a screenshot of the timeline?

Hi. Thanks for the response.

I put the text track on top. This didn't make any difference. I started a new project, placing the video track in the 2nd slot, and the text track in the 1st slot. This didn't work either - I still only see the video track. I've kept playing with the opacity setting.

I'm using kdenlive-0.7.6 on Sabayon linux, but from memory, kdenlive was built via portage, as I don't think the most recent version is available in entropy yet.

I've attached a screenshot.

Thanks again for your help :)

Something seems to be wrong with software... try to put some picture, ore picture with empty alpha channel and text what you want to see above the video! You can make it with gimp and save in png format. this is one recommendation from me!

Yeah I was hoping it wouldn't come to that. This used to be easy in kino, but that doesn't seem to support high resolutions :( I'll try building from svn source. Maybe I should install OSX into a VM and use iMovie?

Why don't support hight-res! It support all rezolutinos what's in your randering ore project settings! In this case you should find how to make this software working, not try to find solution on other platform! ;)
I think it's even better then iMovie :)

here is one Full HD image sample with text in .png format :

Really? That's interesting. When I imported h264 .mts files, kino gave me 512x384 DVs. I tried for a *very* long time to make ffmpeg convert these into higher resolution streams, but I always got cryptic, fatal errors when I specified higher than 512x384, so I assumed that DV was not capable of higher resolutions.

If I can in fact use kino, what steps do I need to take to get my .mts files into full HD format that kino can understand?

At first, for me also x264 don't works (i don't know why) :/ but you should try MPEG-2 ore MPEG-4, ore use HDV / NTSC (PAL) 1080p / i , for those files container is .m2ts :)

dkasak, he is ignoring that you are writing about Kino. Maybe he does not know what it is. Kino is limited to SD. There is a HD DV called DVCPRO HD, but not supported in Kino, and camcorders are expensive (high end pro).

I was taking only about kdenlive ;) I know what is Kino, but as you said, Kino is not for HD videos!