adding/overlay videos


First thanks for kdenlive - I am curious about the future development and now tried to make my first project with it !

I need the following simple effect but did not manage it so far: adding/overlay two videos.
I mean that if I have 2 video tracks the pixel values of the movies should be added, so that one can see both ! Now when I have 2 traks I will only see the first video.
It is possible to make transitions, but then always one videos is fading out and in.

So my question: is there any method in kdenlive so that I can really add and see 2 videos at the same time ?

Thanks for any hint,


if I understand well your question, the answer is yes, you can overlay video tracks.

To do that, simply use the PIP transition. Create one in the first track, set it as constant and play with the transparency to adjust the overlay.

Hope this helps.

Thanks - that's what I need !