Adjusting Audio Levels

I see the "volume" audio effect, but it has no options nor keyframes to adjust the volume (I'm using the latest svn as of 4 days ago).  I guess I'm looking for something similar to Adobe Premiere, where you create and adjust keyframes to modulate the volume of an audio (or video) clip.
Does kdenlive have something similar to this?

Ok.  I just answered my own question.  If you add a "volume" audio effect to your clip, a line will show up in the waveform of the clip.  If you double click any point on that line, a new keyframe will be added in which you can adjust the level.  If you then double-click on the keyframe (it appears as a square on the line) you can then manually type in the desired level or shift the keyframe to an exact time.
Thanks everyone for creating such a great program.  I look forward to using this in the future.