Adobe Premiere Pro CS2 DVD authoring tutorial which may help kdenlive

hi people ,

I wrote a DVD authoring tutorial for Adobe Premiere Pro CS2, unfortunately many Premiere users (myself included) are missing this easyexport feature, now in CS3 or CS4 you must use ENCORE to create the menus, maybe kdenlive may have DVD markers, and when the project is done, simply generate the XML file with the botons.

menu DVD templates

I already suggested this in Open Movie Editor´s forums , kdenlive may find a way to call external apps like DEVEDE, Qdvdauthor, DVDstyler for profesional look menues or even have its own template based on any layer system, like gimp (the Premiere Pro and Encore menu templates are actually Photoshop files, each layer group is a boton, and the names indicates if that is the boton, the video, or the highlight indicator).



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