Advice on Kdenlive on Mac OS X Leopard ?

Hello folks.
I am going to have another crack at trying to install Kdenlive 0.7.6 on my Mac OS X Leopard. It didn't work before but I noticed in the Mac Feedback Thread that MishGUN had downloaded the code from DarwinPorts and then replaced various parts of the code in order to successfully get it working.

The question is: will I need to try and follow MishGUN's description of what he did, or has the parts of the code that he suggested needed to be replaced to get it working on Mac OS X now been replaced in the version of Kdenive that is currently in the Darwin or Mac Ports website?

If I need to download and replace these various parts of the code myself then please can someone help me with the final part of his feedback that reads:

"the only thing to do it was to download the latest version of kdenlive from SVN and replace the exctracted from the package by the newest."

I think I understand how to do the rest of what he advises.

Please let us know how it goes. I'm interested in doing the same.

He is correct that you should use ffmpeg-devel instead of ffmpeg. I thought I only needed to do something special for opencv on Snow Leopard - can't comment on Leopard, but it would not surprise me. Instead of dealing with the Qt 4.6 and the need for unrelease Kdenlive, just wait for the new release, which is any day now and then wait a little longer for it to appear in macports. Then, it will much easier.