after closing a project is not posible to reopen it

Could somebody help me? I created a new project, cut and taged together all clips, added the titles and transitions. It remains only to add the music. I saved and close the project as many-times before and sleep my computer. After few hours I woke it up and tried to open project without success - it crashed. I have Kubuntu 9.4 Jaunty, Kde 4.2.2., Kdenlive 0.7.3 -it is a little unstable, but I have not so big problem before. I tried to restart kdenlive, computer, run it from terminal, nothing helps. There is no meaningful message what could be bad.
Could somebody find a mistake or bug place in source code of the project? Or is it possible to find somewhere backup copy?


That might be an encoding issue with one of your title clips. This happened to some users but we were not able to reliably reproduce the problem to fix it. Can you attach your .kdenlive project file here or send it to me jb at kdenlive dot org?

Hi thanks for help - here is a problematic file.

hi klicek
here's you're fixed file: there was a wrong transition referring to the deleted track. i moved it to the uppermost track (it's the first transition, about 11:00-17:00)

will fix this so that it will never crash again (can you tell me if it is a needed transition - i guess so - or if it should have been deleted with the track you removed - i don't think so - ?)

Wau, yes :-) It works :-))))
Thank you very much for help, it safes me many hours of work! You are right - it is needed transition, which was originally in first track before deleting third track and saving. Now it is ok.
Nice evening