After save, timeline becomes desynchronised.

I use version 0.4 with OpenSUSE 10.2 and try to make some simple project without success.

For example:

Start with an empty project
Add a clip
Use razor to make some cuts to clip
Rearrange the cuts
Save project
Start kdenlive again
Load previous project
Timeline monitor is not at all synchronised to the video tracks, making further editing impossible...

Must be a bug in either save or load functionality, possibly to do with timeline or framerate. The source clip was a PAL 25 fps clip, but project was set to NTSC 29.97 fps...

As can be seen in the below screenshot, the marker on the video track indicates that the transition to the shot of the building shouldn't happen yet for about one second, but in the timeline monitor the transition has already occurred! Also note that the "current time" is said to be 0:00:32.12 but this also doesn't match the position of the marker.





Well ... I cannot speak for other members, but Kdenlive 0.4 should be considered deprecated.
You should upgrade to 0.5 svn OR wait for a release, which should happen very soon.