Aged film effect

Hi, I'm new to kdenlive and, of course this is my first post here.
I've been playing around with Main Actor editor recently and liked an effect called "Aged film". This means turning the video to sepia and adding some noise just like we were watching an old B&W film.
I'd like to know if there's a way to make something like this in kdenlive. I got to make a film sepia like but I don't know how to add the noise (you know, some particles and lines that appear on the film).
Do you know how could have this stuff done?.
Maybe it can be a good effect to add in further versions of the application.
Greetings and thanks.


Plug-ins and add-ons development

i have started this as filter.

it is actual done as patch for mlt and some effect files for kdenlive.

if i found a place to put this in i would share this, until it is implemented in mlt.