Almost giving up... [fixed]

So I've been working on a video project for a few weeks now, and beyond random crashes, I'm having problems with disappearing clips. I'll add a number of pictures and clips to my video, resize them, and put them where I want, and sometimes the picture just won't show when previewing the video. Other times the pictures will appear scattered in different place than where I put them. Every time I re-open my project, the clips are in different places. Sometimes I'll be previewing, and a sound clip will play that does not appear to be part of the collection. It's very strange, and it leaves me very uncertain to what my video will actually turn out as.

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PS> I'm using Ubuntu, and Version of Kdenlive
Using KDE 4.1.4 (KDE 4.1.4)

And you're not using 0.7.3 - why?

kde 4.1?

you have to upgrade kde at least kde 4.2.2 ...

Hm, for some reason I thought I had the latest version... but obviously I don't. Well, I've been using Linux for some months now, and I still cannot figure out how to get a tar.gz file installed. I downloaded the kdenlive file, extracted it,.... and now.. I don't know. I looked at the install instructions even, but I still don't get it. Anyone able to point me in the right direction?

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I understand your concern. There are still a number of bugs, but the developers seem to be fixing them rapidly. Several great new features were added in 0.7.3 and the upcoming 0.7.4.

I can tell you the packages on Ubuntu are not as good as the current development version, but I don't know if it would solve your problems. Learning to compile your own can take some time and learning, but it will be worth it in the long run if you stick with linux.

I have a few questions: What kind of files are you using (DV, HDV, Avi) and the source?

One thing you might consider trying is to start over. I know this sounds radical, but it may help you to get started with a clean slate. You might also try to keep the effects to a minimum (stick with the basic luma transitions, audio fade in/out). Some of the effects are known not to work well at the moment such as croping and others. Make lots of backups as you go and try it without using the autorecover feature if it does crash.

Hope this helps, Geoff

Thanks for the response. I am using mostly mpeg files, but also an mp4 and flv clip, as well as a number of jpeg images and a few wav sound clips. Though many clips have been added, split, and resized, minimal effects have been added. I think the only one I have actually used so far is the luma transition; I don't really know how to use these too well anyways. Starting over can't be an option unfortunately as too much time has been spent. The best option is probably just to slop the rest together and hope for better luck with my next video.



I've had similar problems, basically I gave up using Kdenlive until a stable package comes out. I spent around 6 hours just trying to cut down a 3 minute video only to have everything crash out on me.... what makes things worse is when you loose your keyboard response and you have to reboot in order to get it back...hopefully .7.4 comes out soon

Alright, back again. I gave up for a while, but I keep thinking of how much time I put into it so far, so I'll give it another shot. How do I install the new Kdenlive? I can't figure out these tar.gz, even after reading lots of how-to's... I guess I'm pretty beginner-ish with Ubuntu!

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hi sirdouglas! i suggest you have a try with the builder wizard:

instructions should be easy, but ask if you need more help!

0.7.2 is deprecated. Install Kdenlive 0.7.4 with MLT 0.4.

he was asking how to do that ;)

Well, I gave a good effort, read multiple tutorials, followed instructions step-by-step, wanted it to work, but... I give up. Even with the kdenlive builder I keep getting errors. I spend a lot of time on the computer, thought I'd get by with Linux, but I need to get back to the simple Windows Movie Maker.

Thanks for the help though,


Too bad! Do come back once in a while though, Kdenlive is constantly being developed so I'm sure it will be a better experience for you in the future. Even posting a bugreport every now and then helps out Kdenlive and it's community.

Hope your videoproject turns out OK! (feel free to post a link if it's interesting for other videots :) )

Okay, well I said that I gave up... but I can't stand the thought of just throwing the whole project down the drain. So, I decided to cut the two-thirds of it that is having problems, which happens to be the last part. Then I'll throw a little conclusion at the end of the first part.

Now I can be more specific as to what is happening. First, I tried to delete all the clips after a certain point in my video, and a number of them simply won't delete. Well, no big problem here since I can just render the first selected section. So I added a few jpeg files to conclude my video, and all looked fine, but when I play through it, the last pictures I had added did't show up. I tried closing the program and reopening, but now the last-added pictures are all resized and a little spread out. They also won't delete.

Any reason and easy solution for this?

Thanks, appreciate the friendly community!


Okay, no more solutions or help needed. I deleted about two-thirds of the video, threw a mediocre ending, and put it on youtube. It's for a scholarship actually, so feel free to take a look and throw some 5-stars my way!

Thanks for the attempts to help me along the way!


Good work! I hope your experience with kdenlive gets better over time