Alpha Output!

I found a post here on the forum from 2008 I think, which mentioned Alpha support in clips, where kdenlive can import clips that has an extra alpha channel. This is splendid! And I know from experience it handles alpha in PNG:s.

What I would like though, is a way to make clips in kdenlive that output(renders) it with an alpha channel.

I often find myself making really complicated Logo-animations with PNG:s by using composite, 'Pan and Zoom', different kind of blendning... etc... I'm using kdenlive kind of the same way people use gimp and photoshop, whit layers upon layers. Since last update of Kdenlive, this is working really great/stable. But, here I'm left with two options.

1, Either I have to use the "logo"-project as a template, so that I can add other videos(the intended target video) in the background if I want Alpha in all the right places. Where all the calculations for the logo-animation has to be calculated each time.

2, I have to forget about Alpha, and just render the animation to a background.

Most often I go with option 2, since I have a tenancy to save my projects often(forgetting some are templates).

I'd like a option 3... that is, render alpha!

If this already is possible, please point me in the right direction! :)