Alt-R menu item in the Title Clip Window - what does it do?

In the Title Clip window there is a drop down menu item that includes two anoymous options (in my 0.9.2 version). One of these is just labeled Alt+I and this one allows you to add an image to the title. The other one is just labeled Alt+R (in my 0.9.2 version).

Selecting the Alt+R item turns on the display of a toolbar that has a fill colour, border colour and a width option.


But I can't tell what changing these colours in this tool bar achieves. Any ideas.

And do other people have these menu items only contain the short cut key description? This is probably a bug wouldn't you think?

Anyone else also notice how the Alt+R menu item gets a checkmark next to it once you have selected it once - implying that this item should toggle the display of the tool bar on and off. But it does not? Once you turn the toolbar on it stays on. Not like a a huge bug. But I think this is also a defect - super minor.

Errrrr... I don't see a drop down menu in 0.9.3. Well I can't find it.. The Alt+R, on my version, is for drawing a rectangle on the window for text to go in. Border thickness and background colour etc.

@ttguy, great work on the kdenlive manual!

@ normcross - Maybe dropdown menu is not the right choice of words. It is a menu labeled with ">>" on a button

@ OpenThinking - thanks.

Doh. I have now figured out something. The ">>" button is an indicator that there are more objects on the toolbar that can not fit with the window at the size it is at. My title editor comes up by default with a window not wide enough to display the whole toolbar for the Title editor. And when I expand the width of the title editor all the toolbar options appear and indeed the Alt+R one had a tool tip of Add Rectangle. Until just now I did not know the items under the >> button where toolbar items overflowing from the rest of the toolbar.

So the defect is that the Add Image and Add rectangle toolbar items do not get a text description when these items move off the toolbar onto the "dropdown menu item". And maybe the title editor should come up by default wide enough to see the whole toolbar.

My Add Image and Rectangle icons were visible, but in the >> button were just the Open Doc and Save As. I thought that was the way it was meant to be. Doh, to me too.

As you say, when dragging out the window these two icons also appear, but whatever you do the Title Clip Editor always defaults back to the smaller size.