Always this famous problem "SDL module not found bla bla"

Hi all,

I compiled from the SVN-GIT (between 30/06 and today), in the order first Frei0r, then FFMPEG, then MLT and KDenlive. I always have this error "SDL module not found..." that I saw on a couple of topics, but I don't find the good solution to fix it.

Where is the solution please ? :-) I can't start KDEnlive.

That problem was related to a buggy frei0r plugin (facedetect). It should now be blacklisted in MLT, so I am
not sure if that is the same issue.

Maybe try to play a video file with MLT's command line player first. In a terminal, type:
melt myvideo.mpg

The "SDL" bug report is here:

hmmm I have this following error :

melt: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

It's something I never understand how to resolve it. All the compiled programs are in /usr/local.

You probably have an old version of a mlt library somewhere. You should try to delete all mlt libraries:

rm /usr/lib/libmlt*
rm -Rf /usr/lib/mlt

Then reinstall mlt and do:

sudo ldconfig

Wow, "famous!" Really? :-)

It know it may sound ugly to say this, but I am just trying to save everyone a bit of grief- you included... if you are compiling from source, and you can not solve this problem, perhaps you should just use the packages from your distribution. If you are using the builder wizard, do not forget to launch kdenlive using the special kdenlive_start script that will setup the proper environment.

Hi all,

I compiled again but with prefix=/usr/ instead of /usr/local/ for each software. Now, I can run kdenlive without problems. Maybe you could try to explain me why it makes an error when /usr/local is configured.

ddennedy > The binary packages supplied with Mandriva don't behave correctly. I really have a lot of crashs for minor things than a simple clic. Then, I compiled simply kdenlive and used the binary packages for others (ffmpeg, mlt) : the use is better, I can create a project and play with but I lose frequently some works I created after some crashs, I must save systematically, every 60 seconds... :) So the next step is : trying to compil all the packages and I will see if the use is more stable.

I will test with afternoon.

If it did not work with prefix=/usr/local, then /usr/local is not in /etc/ Once you add it to that file, then you need to run ldconfig as superuser.

[quote]melt: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory[/quote]

Just copy and to /usr/lib directory

Use "make clean" before "make". That has cleared some weird problems for me.

FreeBSD 7.2 had kdenlive running prior to the recent merging of mlt & mlt+ into one port. I've attempted the steps described above. With regards to the reinstall method, I manually deleted the /usr/local/lib/mlt dir and the mlt files in /usr/local/lib. I also note that theres a /usr/local/share/mlt director as well. Is this a folder that needs to be manually removed when doing a reinstallation of mlt?

melt causes a core dump. Have you tried googling these terms? Sheesh. It's missing that *.so.

When I installed ffmpeg-devel to support kdenlive, it broke other ports relying on ffmpeg. I reinstalled ffmpeg when updating to kde4.3. At present, I'm a little uncertain of installing ffmpeg-devel as I wish to keep my other ports working. What is the technique for building kdenlive with ffmpeg-devel while not affecting other ports' dependencies upon ffmpeg where I am using portmaster. I see the directions for portupgrade but with freebsd you can't use both to manage your ports.

What is the present status of kdenlive's dependency upon ffmpeg? Is it ffmpeg or ffmpeg-devel?

I updated mlt with portmaster prior to reading /usr/ports/UPDATING | grep mlt and so I didn't deinstall the old libraries before installing the new ones. I doubt pkg_delete -f mlt-0.4.4_1 would have the scope to reach older libraries so any help with cleaning my mlt install would be greatly appreciated.

Note, FreeBSD ports are, as of 11/9/2009 at mlt-0.4.4_1, frei0r-1.1.22_1, & kdenlive-0.7.5_1. These are the versions I need help with.

For me what did the trick was to define LD_LIBRARY_PATH as follows on .bashrc:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib

I have development versions of ffmpeg and mlt installed in /usr/local and that variable allows programs that need ffmpeg and/or mlt to find the development versions at run time.