Any news on Kdenlive next version

0.9.2 was created on 2012-05-30 about two and a half months ago. I submitted a bug report for an A/V sync issue and am still without feedback from the devs. Although other users have reported/confirmed similar issues.

The refactoring by Till was predicted to be done by June. I haven't seen any mention of how it went. Can we get a confirmation that he has successfully completed this?

I realize that two and a half months isn't a long time, but just the same, it would be nice to hear about some life in the project.

I got a little spooked when the MLT project recommended Flowblade on June 1.
And then MLT's project page recommended Shotcut on June 26.

In summary, I'm just looking for a little reassurance that Kdenlive is indeed Alive and Well.


i also have tried to find out whats happening to the project. check out here:

also look at this article:

i wish all the best to the kdenlive devs. cheers

Stevej mentioned:
"I got a little spooked when the MLT project recommended Flowblade on June 1.
And then MLT's project page recommended Shotcut on June 26."

MLT is the underlying framework for kdenlive, but also for Openshot, Flowblade and now Dan's own Shotcut. And there are far more applications using it: see
The more widespread MLT is used, the merrier the developer(s) are and Dan is the main (and currently only?) developer.
As long as MLT is furhter developed and remains Open Source, there is nothing to worry.
What's more: The more software starts to use MLT, the more developers it might attract, the more functionality might be developed for it, the faster possible bugs might be detected and solved, etc., etc.

I only see this as a positive development.


Thanks for the link to the kdenlive-devel forum. I hadn't seen this one. It has some valuable info on the progress of the refactoring project. I recommend reading it to all interested.


I agree with you that MLT benefits from having multiple and varied projects using it as the underlying framework.

I am not so sure that Kdenlive benefits as greatly. All things being equal, with a large pool of enthusiastic developers, I see your point. Cross pollination can strengthen the individual projects and break-up group think.

I was always of the mindset that the NLE developer crowd was rather small. In this case, multiple projects are not necessarily a good thing.

That Being Said...
I thank you both for your valued input. I certainly don't have any of the answers, and I think the devs are doing a phenomenal job with the resources they have to work with. Maybe a quick heads up from them would ease any concerns one might have.