Any rendering crashes!

Hi everybody, a few days ago I sent a bug report on Mantis usr: grangorge , to report this issue, Kdenlive stopped rendering suddenly, not a single format works. Now the thing is getting stranger.
I was on the way to re-install kubuntu from scratch to a new partition on my drive, and so I did.
After finishing clean install, I installed Kdenlive from source and I got the same effect as old installation on old system, kdenlive can't render to any format, and I've tried them all.

Since I think it's a strange issue and sow that other users have the same problem, I wanted to post it here also.

Again all details in this bug report:

You know, funny thing is that kdenlive works perfectly, just can't render although mlt, ffmpeg and all libraries are up to date.

Other funny thing kdenlive works perfectly and renders also perfectly on my laptop (Lenovo B-550, intel graphics, 3gb ram, 320 hd) but there kdenlive 0.7.8 and MLT 0.7.6.

Any hint?

Hope this could help some other.

PLZ I want to keep on working with KDE and Kdenlive, I don't want to buy a MAC!



From your bug report:

"Rendering of /home/gianni/Gianni /Foto/Nuvole_Fumo/Fumo/FumoBosco1-640x398Flashes1-Test.mp4 aborted, resulting video will probably be corrupted."

You could try rendering to "/home/gianni/Gianni /" location without the space after /Gianni and see if that helps.

thanks for the answer but That's just an example, of course I've tried with several files all with different names and destinations.

I have exactly the same problem.
I have been using KDENLIVE daily over the last month to edit daily motion webcam files (320x240 5fps XVid).

I have not been able to render the last 2 days footage.
Everything else in KDENLIVE seems to work OK, just the rendering crashes with the message "Rendering crashed Video without audio track".
I am doing nothing different from what have done previously (my webcam files do not have audio - and never have had).
The error started after I last updated system a few days ago (which I do most days) which included some KDENLIVE updates.

Using UBUNTU 11.10
Kdenlive Version 0.8.3 Using KDE Development Platform 4.7.4 (4.7.4)

For the moment all I can do is save my edited project files in the hope that I can render them when the problem is resolved.

I do hope this issue will be solved soon


I have also tried earlier video files which worked, and other files using different rendering formats. Similar result every time, all rendering crashes.

As a possible help output from my terminal session is:-

brian@brian-VGN-A617S:~$ kdenlive
project monitor connected
clip monitor connected
QWidget::insertAction: Attempt to insert null action
QWidget::insertAction: Attempt to insert null action
kdenlive(2897) Render::checkMaxThreads: // TRACTOR PROBLEM
//STARTING RENDERING: true , false , "/usr/bin/melt" , "/home/brian/.kde/share/apps/kdenlive/profiles/customprofile2" , "avformat" , "-" , "/tmp/kde-brian/kdenliveyB2897.mlt" , "/home/brian/Desktop/treecam/edited/20120119.avi" , () , ("acodec=libmp3lame", "ab=128k", "ar=44100", "vcodec=libxvid", "minrate=0", "vb=8000k", "aspect=@4/3", "mbd=2", "trellis=1", "mv4=1", "an=1", "threads=1", "real_time=-1") , -1 , -1
Started render process: "/usr/bin/melt" "/tmp/kde-brian/kdenliveyB2897.mlt -profile /home/brian/.kde/share/apps/kdenlive/profiles/customprofile2 -consumer avformat:/home/brian/Desktop/treecam/edited/20120119.avi progress=1 acodec=libmp3lame ab=128k ar=44100 vcodec=libxvid minrate=0 vb=8000k aspect=@4/3 mbd=2 trellis=1 mv4=1 an=1 threads=1 real_time=-1"
"Rendering of /home/brian/Desktop/treecam/edited/20120119.avi aborted, resulting video will probably be corrupted."

Yep, exactly same problem and same history.
Also me I tried videos I had already rendered few days ago to no avail.
I think is becoming common issue, since we also have same configuration.

Yes same here on Ubuntu 11.10 64bit + sunabs git build.

Rendering fails, exporting a script and running that fails but using melt to play the script.mlt file works but trying to use melt to encode with the script.mlt causes an error about unable to load custom profile from ~/.kde/share/apps/kdenlive/profiles, so a problem with MLT by the looks.


Had to downgrade to Kdenlive 0.8.2 and MLT 0.7.6 and voilà! not yet perfect but at least rendering works again!

Procedure: uninstall completely kdenlive and mlt delete or better move to a safe place and delete later, also kdenliverc file (.kde/share/config/kdenliverc), download packages directly (kdenlive- and mlt-0.7.6.tar.gz from respective sites) and re-install from terminal (extract archives and you'll find install information there). Maybe you'll have some libraries missing but you can manually add them later. (This works for Kubuntu 11.10 KDE 4.7.4)

At the moment it's working, hope It'll keep on going.

Hope this could help someone.

I had to downgrade from the svn-repo to ppa:sunab/kdenlive-release too. I purged all kdenlive and melt packages bevore I installed the "stable" kdenlive.

Just a question - you did check that the result is not there and/or broken?
I also get this message when rendering, but it's only after the rendering is finished, some cleanup-error (in mlt IIRC). But for me, the files are there and OK.

Same problem for me since the last update of Kdenlive...


I get this message immediately after starting rendering. The file is actually empty.

Other issue: transitions seem no longer keyframable (simple click on the transition does no longer make appear keyframable opacity).

Please Kdenlive developpers, fix this issue, we love this software!

The rendering issue is now confirmed and discussed on MLT's mailing list, should be fixed quickly. I can also confirm the transition keyframe issue, working on it right now.

Great, thanks!!!

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I am running ubunto 11.10 64 bit
I admit trying the svn-repo ppa:sunab/kdenlive-release with kdenlive 8.3 and loved it very much - I made a few test of the image stabilization
and no problems rendering out. I Also aded the sysfigstudio as part of my future workplace.

- I was so happy and ready to use kdenlive for my projects - the 8.2.1 was OK stable but the new features like easy voice over recording and image stabilization, transcoding is just perfekt and so nice - so maybe just messing a nice way to sync simular audio tracks with a video track because I use a canon 500D and sometimes external sound recording or another camera were synkronisation on a simular sound would be nice to allign events/views from two cameras.

Anyway I can't complain and Think you are making so great software - I have been using pineaple studio from 9 to 15 for years now on windows but this
have to stop with lack of tracks and the creative solutions needs upgradesand you can even be sure the old project you have made in 12 is possibæe
to render on version 15 etc. Also I am a linux user so I am not very happy to be forced to use windows.

Maybe it was stupid of me to tryout version 8.3 - but It made me happy to see where things are going.

My problems with rendering was there the next day - I have tryid to uninstall some packages and reinstall, even to go back to 8.2.1 but currently
I have even a problem to get the 8.2.1 t back and doing rendering - I did uninstall about 11 repository packages and made the 8.2.1 work again
but both the 8.2.1 and the new 8.3 is working its just the rendering thats does not work for me currently.

I was on the irc hoping for suggestions for debugging my problem, but I understand I am not alone with this.

Best regards from Denmark

netpet, you and I have about the same problem. Ubuntu 11.10, 64-bit, 8.3. I finally figured out how to use kdenlive and now I can't render. doh!

When I use a script, I get the following output- it's more than I get in kdenlive:
Segmentation fault 2, percentage: 0

Hoping for a fix.

Hmm. This is a melt problem, not a kdenlive problem, right? So what's the correct version of melt to install?

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- Well I removed openshot kdenlive python-mlt3 ubuntustudio-video libmlt4
Also I marked not to use the kdenlive-svn - so doing and update and install of the ppa:sunab/kdenlive-release it was working again using 8.2.1 but I
really look forward to this 8.3 ;-) I don't know if it would be possible to use the 8.3 but with current melt version or if the image stabilzation and voice recoding option would work.

But I am so ready to be a steady kdenlive user.

Still having same problems with the latest update. sunabs-svn

Me too, recent projects are freezing kdenlive although starting new projects doesn't. Added a bug report. Haven't needed to render yet so is rendering still a problem?

Same here Kubuntu 11.10 64bit with the beta release repository.

Playing around, it looks like melt is not part of the issue.

I stored the project as a script and removed the references to kdenlive_render. Melt is composing the video as expected. As the renderer even does not write any error message on what is going on (exists a switch for it?) this is the closest thing I can do to catch the crash.


I can create new projects, and I can edit existing/recent projects.
But rendering is a problem for me.

Yesterday Kdenlive froze when I tried rendering, and I had to restart the computer to close Kdenlive.
Today, after a system update, Kdenlive chrashes when I try rendering.

Don't know whether this helps anybody analyzing the problem.

Ubuntu 11.10 - 64 bit
Kdenlive 0.3.8

0.8.3 .........

New update today, proposed by oneiric main or oneiric main (don't remember which one) but still this annoying problem of rendering crashing at every attempt... :o(

I still can't render after the update either.
And Kdenlive is back to freezing instead of chrashing when I try rendering after this update.

Hi, I'm new to Kdenlive and was plensently surprised with it.Actually, MORE than plesntly surprised. I felle it's the most complete Video Editor I have tried in Ubuntu.
Great job to all who have been working on it.
I had the same problem of not being able to render ANY format at all.
But I got it wotking on my end, so I figuerd I would share what worked for me.
I am running on Ubuntu 11.10.
After reading on these forums about this render problem I finally saw the issue about MELT versions.
So I went in the Ubuntu Software Center and tried removing Melt and it said that to remove MELT I need to remove Kdenlive AND Openshot.
So I went ahead and removed both from the Software Center and re-installed Kdenlive with:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sunab/kdenlive-release && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install kdenlive
in a terminal instead of re-installing from Software Center and BAM, I can render the same project I was trying to render since day one.
So there you go, this worked for me and now I am looking forward to version 8.3.

I think the issue is with the git 'svn' version, from your description you have removed the Ubuntu repo version and added the stable version from sunabs PPA.

However if you install the svn version from sunabs svn PPA can you still render?

Did not work for me... :o(

I am really stuck and can't get it to work even when I revert. Ubuntu 11.10 x64. Was very happily using the sunab svn release.

I removed the svn release from the software sources, purged kdenlive and melt. Then installed from the sunab/kdenlive-release as per this page...

I even deleted the kdenliverc file (I also just renamed the .kde folder.)

My rendering is completely broken.

I too started with the 8.3 svn release and was unable to render. read through this post and had seen that some people were having luck using the release repo and downgraded to that release, 8.2.1. I just tried to render and am still unable to render. Pretty sure I got rid of everything, i did a sudo apt-get purge kdenlive.
just did an apt-get update && apt-get upgrade. will try and install once this is done.

some interesting stuff. I have a vm running 11.10 ubuntu(same as host) and had installed kdenlive from the release repo and its working perfect. So there's something on the host that's keeping it from rendering. again, did the usual... apt-get purge, deleted the kdenliverc file and attempted to reinstall from the release repo(8.2.1), crash. weird.

Reverting to sunabs release PPA works for me, I completely removed MLT related files as well though. Then installed the 8.2.1 release which was built 7 weeks ago, I see sunabs svn is waiting to build?

It's the risk in becoming used to and in a way relying on an unstable TESTING build.

So to avoid this problem again it would make sense to use sunabs stable release PPA via synaptic and use the build scripts on the wiki here: instead of sunabs svn PPA, the wiki build scripts build from git to a dated folder within the home directory each time the script is run, so when a git build becomes a problem as currently it's easy to revert back to a working git build from a previously dated folder or alternatively use the stable. So both stable and unstable can be installed on the same system. :-)

Of coarse there is still the risk of compatibility problems at project level arising from doing that I guess as development moves on.

For your information, the latest MLT version that should fix most recent crash problems is currently waiting to build in sunab's svn repository, should be ready in about 10 hours.

Just updated to the latest version with no changes. Still crashes as soon as I try to render. It doesn't matter what codec I choose. Ubuntu 11.10 - kdenlive 0.8.3+git20120128.821fc6d0-0ubuntu0~sunab~oneiric1

Rendering still doesn't work for me, no crash just failed rendering. Ubuntu 11.10 64bit latest sunab svn.

Me to.

Kdenlive doesn't crash now, just the rendering of the project.
It was the same some days ago when the rendering problems began.

Then it changed after updates, depending on whether it has been Kdenlive update or other updates in the Update Manager, Kdenlive either crashed when trying to render, or it froze when trying to render (having to close the computer to close Kdenlive, and if not restarting the computer Kdenlive taking up 100% of one of my cores).

Now the rendering chrashes but Kdenlive still functions in other aspects.

I'm no expert on Linux, but through the latest updates there has been an iregularity to the Update Manager and Kdenlive.
It is concerning "melt". When it was in the Update Manager I was not abble to choose it for updating, other updates was okay.

I then unistalled Openshot(probably not important), and then I did an update and afterwards an upgrade qua the terminal, and afterwards Melt was not in the update manager.
And I could see that the small changes through the terminal-upgrade made was concerning Kdenlive and Melt.

As I said, not and expert on either Linux nor Kdenlive(as a software) so these are just some observations that may help.

I found the rendering crash problem and posted a patch on MLT's mailing list. Ubuntu 11.10 uses libav 0.7, and the crash is caused by an api change not working on that version. Hopefully that should be fixed in git and packages soon.

Excellent many thanks jbm and great work on the job system.

I just installed the latest update from the update manager and I'm still having trouble with rendering. I receive the following error every time

Rendering of /home/USER/Wooo Panels/woogetssrsmusicandlogo.mpg crashed
[mp3 @ 0x25ac300] max_analyze_duration reached
[mp3 @ 0x25b0e20] max_analyze_duration reached
[mp3 @ 0x26574c0] max_analyze_duration reached
[mp3 @ 0x2657fa0] max_analyze_duration reached


The fix for the rendering crash has now been committed to git, but is not yet available in the sunab ubuntu packages (current MLT version is from the 29th of january 2012, but you need a version >= 31 january 2012 to get the fix). Should come with the next update, probably in 2-3 days.

Greetings - I have read through this chain and I have the same symptoms. Also I am confused about a few things.

I run ubuntu 11.10 on 64-bit machine. kdenlive version is 8.2.1 and melt version is 0.7.7+git20111211, and both came through the sunab ppa

Ran a rendering script and got this output:

reid@rsv-linux:~/Video2/CAC Lunar New Year 2012$ ./
//STARTING RENDERING: false , false , "/usr/bin/melt" , "dv_ntsc" , "avformat" , "-" , "/home/reid/kdenlive/scripts/" , "/home/reid/Video2/CAC Lunar New Year 2012/CAC Lunar New Year 2012.vob" , () , ("f=dvd", "vcodec=mpeg2video", "acodec=ac3", "s=720x480", "vb=6000k", "maxrate=9000k", "minrate=0", "bufsize=1835008", "packetsize=2048", "muxrate=10080000", "ab=192k", "ar=48000", "g=18", "me_range=63", "trellis=1", "mlt_profile=dv_ntsc_wide", "pass=1", "threads=8", "real_time=-1") , -1 , -1
Started render process: "/usr/bin/melt" "/home/reid/kdenlive/scripts/ -profile dv_ntsc -consumer avformat:/home/reid/Video2/CAC Lunar New Year 2012/CAC Lunar New Year 2012.vob progress=1 f=dvd vcodec=mpeg2video acodec=ac3 s=720x480 vb=6000k maxrate=9000k minrate=0 bufsize=1835008 packetsize=2048 muxrate=10080000 ab=192k ar=48000 g=18 me_range=63 trellis=1 mlt_profile=dv_ntsc_wide pass=1 threads=8 real_time=-1"
"Rendering of /home/reid/Video2/CAC Lunar New Year 2012/CAC Lunar New Year 2012.vob aborted, resulting video will probably be corrupted."

Here's my understanding...The 8.2.1 is described as the more stable version, but that's just the kdenlive code. The bug is in MELT, which should be distributed also through the sunab ppa updates sometime in the next few days. Sound right?

Thanks for your patience.


Here's how it worked for me.

first I removed my existing ppa:sunab entries from the sources.

next, using synaptic, I removed kdenlive and kdenlive-data, then melt, AND the associated mlt librarys. Three of them. If you just remove melt and not the libs it won't get fixed.

from the command line I used this command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sunab/kdenlive-release && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install kdenlive.

when it comes back, melt and the librarys are downgraded to 0.7.6 and everything works, for me.

Hope this helps.


Hallelujah! I can render again! Hats off to RSV869, I owe you a beer!

I am also on Ubuntu 11.10 64. I was using the SVN version and downgrading to the release version was not enough to correct the problem.
So I removed the svn and release PPA from the software sources.
Uninstalled Kdenlive, kdenlive-data, melt, libmlt4, libmlt-data, as well as libmlt++3. I also tried to uninstall libc6 but got an error message so I skipped it.. It was not required in the end.

Then I re-added the kdenlive-release PPA and installed kdenlive (which also installed all above named packages) and IT WORKS.. I can render again.


Just updated through the update manager this morning (Danish time) and Kdenlive is rendering.

It is quite a long project though so in some hours I'll see what the result is like.


Thanx to all for the hard work done on this efficient sofware ( my fav one on linux ).
Many thanx to both of you RSV869 and goog, rendering is working again !!
I was so desperate these last days, you probably saved my life...almost. I know i shouldn't be so lyrical...anyway thanx a lot.

Yeeeeeessssssss!!! Thanks a lot!

I still have crash problems with last version installed!

I too cannot render. I also have a problem with ffmpeg creating interlaced blocking at the edges of moving objects posted at Ubuntu Forums last week with no reply. Maybe related?

Primary machine is Intel i5 760, Intel DQ57TM MoBo, Nvidia 9600GT, 8GB ram, 1.6TB storage, Xubuntu 12.04 64bit, Kdenlive 0.9, Melt 0.7.8.

Rendering problem relates to MLT version I think, kdenlive 0.9 from sunabs PPA and from build script work, I too had rendering issues with previous build. Make sure MLT is upto date.

Blocking at movement in frame: Can you post your image here please, I'm not a member of Ubuntu forums. Sounds like a threading problem when decoding your MTS. If threads is set to 1 then it should work, by default kdenlive does this, have you changed number of threads? Anyways image would be good.

I'm have the same problem on Ubuntu 12.04 x64 with latest sunab/kdenlive-release packages.
Any render aborts with the next errors:

Сборка /home/zheka/projects/kdenlive/2011-12-28 Утреник.avi аварийно прервана
[mp3 @ 0x259d160] max_analyze_duration reached
[mp3 @ 0x25b96a0] max_analyze_duration reached
[mp3 @ 0x7fdda4006280] max_analyze_duration reached
[mp3 @ 0x7fdda4037520] max_analyze_duration reached

I tried different formats and filenames without spaces - it don't helps!

FWIW, I've been stuck with the same problem for a few days now (any render would always abort before the 2nd pass - 1 pass renders work ok).
I have purged everything (kdenlive, melt, libmlt, frei0r, etc) and reinstalled kdenlive from sunab/kdenlive-release a few times but to no avail.

Then I remembered that I had installed 0.9 from kdenlive-svn repo just before the official release and didn't have any problems.
So I just uninstalled the release, purged everything including the kdenlive-release repository from the sources list and reinstalled kdenlive 0.9 from the kdenlive-svn PPA. The builds in that PPA seem to be slightly older than in the release PPA.

Just tried with one of the renderings that used to crash and I can render with two passes now without any crash.

Hope this helps finding out what's going on

ps: Ubuntu 12.04 x64