Any way to change the aspect ratio of a clip in the timeline (not the whole project) ?

For example, I have 20 clips in the timeline.

Some are .avi, .dv, .mpeg or .vob.

If I bring in a video that someone has given me from DVD, but the aspect ratio is wrong I need to have a way to adjust that clip.
I'm looking for a way to right click, add video clip and then say change that ratio so the clip is slightly wider, and correct the clip?

Any way to do this within kdenlive? I've gone through most video effects but can't see an easy way to do this?
I know I can do this outside of kdenlive, but that's going to be time consuming, I'd rather just do it with a fre0ir plugin if possible.


I think that you can do it in kdenlive :

- select a clip in project tree

- in "project menu" click "clip properties"

- the last tab called "expert" allows you to change pixel format

thanks! this is exactly what I was looking for.

In the latest version it can be found in clip propertiesadvanced > force pixel aspect ratio