Apple ProRes Encoding now in ffmpeg. 4 Profiles available.


Somewhat different topic but the same subject,
For the life of me I cannot get a proress422 to play in kdenlive (or for that matter anywhere). After importing I get the audio and a white screen. No options appear in the render menu for prores and the config wizard does not list prores amongst it's codecs.
I have ffmpeg 9.1 and mlt from sunab's repo. ffmpeg lists prores in its codecs and according to my limited powers of deduction all should be good..
Can anyone who has got prores formats decoding or encoding please enlighten me as to what I have not done?



I found previously that Prores didn't appear in sunabs kdenlives builds and was only available via kdenlive built with the build script for what ever reason that is.


Ubuntu ships now Libav istead of FFmpeg.

Apple ProRes encoder have been introduced in ffmpeg 0.11 or Libav 0.8 (aacording to both homepages)

But a short test on Ubuntu 12.04 (libav 0.8.1) shows that ProRes encoder is not supported :

avconv -i -vcodec prores -acodec copy
Unknown encoder 'prores'

A build flag maybe missing in libav package...

sunab thanks for the explaination.

Reubenmoss, running a kdenlive build created via the build script, (which uses ffmpeg) from a few days ago shows prores is available for kdenlive if it's required in the meantime.

Thanks yellow,
I inevitably break my installs when I try building, for the mean time I will continue avoiding Prores...
So no idea why prores isn't appearing in kdenlive, though it appears in ffmpeg codecs list?
a problem with my ffmpeg install maybe? Yellow are you able to play back prores files just in movie or vlc player?


1. You say you're using my repo, which one? kdenlive-release ou kdenlive-svn?

2. You have FFmpeg 0.9.1 installed. How ? packages (origin?) or manual build?

3. What Ubuntu version are you using?

note: look at post#4.

As I said in this post above for some reason the ProRes encoder is disabled in regular ubuntu packages (12.04). It may be for a good reason. I am looking into it.

Stay tuned.

PS: I's not recommended to install system wide "exotic" FFmpeg/Libav versions . Because this will inevitably break something at some point (when binary compatibility is broken between versions).