Apply same effect on a set of clips


I'm relatively new to the video editing, but I find Kdenlive quite good and easy to learn. However, I've got some problems. I use it mainly for timelapse creation, so I work with single frame clips, which makes it harder to add the effects that are longer than one frame. I tried with grouping clips together and apply effects on it. In contrast to my expectations the effect was applied to all the clips respectively - i.e. fading to black was added to every single clip but I want to apply it on more than one frame so that the fading is smooth and wouldn't happen instantinously... Is there any (simple) workaround besides rendering "raw" timpelapse and applying effects on the rendered file(s) afterwards?

You can use the image sequence feature (in simple clip) or the slideshow clip. The imported images will be treated as one clip. Then define image duration in clip properties.