archive packing export feature

Let's say you're on a project, taking some clips/images/music stored in different places on your hdd. Then you want to backup your project, or move it to some other computer and the pain starts.. you need to find where all your files are stored, put them all in one place.. break the paths to the clips etc...

Wouldn't it be nice to have an export feature like you can see in page layout software (scribus, xpress, indesign that pack all the fonts, images, texts in one archive updating all the paths accordingly) to get an archive with all the clips, music, images and other files you used in your project? So you can then just move this archive without losing any files,paths ... or time? (yes I know.. i could be less messy and get organised from the start.. but some times you just see a clip that you could include in your project and drag n'drop it in kdenlive without even looking where you took it from)

does this idea make any sense for an nle? would it be hard to implement for the devs?