Are You at Risk of Having Tonsil Stones? | Part 6

f. Avoid Being Paranoid if You are at Risk

A lot of people are at risk of having tonsil stones. Some of them already know what to do if they have them, and some of them don’t know what to do and starts being paranoid. Being paranoid about having tonsil stones is like feeling that you have a few days left to live when you just scraped your knee. What they should do is to stop being paranoid and do something about it.

Tonsil stones are ordinary to people who have repeated tonsillitis, if you know a person that is one of those people and you know that they have no idea what tonsil stones are, then you should share this information to them. If you know someone who might have symptoms like sore throat or pain that hurts all over the throat, bad breath or pain when swallowing you should tell them what you know and check if he or she does have them.

If you want to get rid of the tonsil stones, removal is achievable. However it is better to really end these tonsil stones from forming. Once these stones are gone, cleaning your tonsils must be done every now and then to really prevent them from coming back.

There are a lot more solutions to ending the development of tonsil stones. You can remove dairy from your diet or lessen its consumption. You can also gargle with salt water for at least three minutes each day, or drink nothing but water. Limit yourself on drinking sodas, alcohols and sugared teas. If you’re a smoker, cut down on it.

People who have tonsil stones should not get all paranoid because they are easy to deal with, although a lot of people have been going crazy when they start feeling it. They should not freak out if they have it because once they have it they could just remove it. Surgery is not the first option in removing the tonsil stones and it is not an option for you to have your tonsils taken out just so you can have a lower risk of tonsil stones.

Your tonsils are very important in the elimination of bacteria and toxins that is why removing the tonsils could be fatal. Tonsil stones are caused by a lot of things. The possible conditions that can cause tonsil stones are post nasal drips, allergy, alcohol, toxins from environment, sinus infections, refined foods, autoimmune disorders, virus and bacterial infections, stress, and other conditions which dilutes the lymph fluid.

A lot of tonsil stones don’t have special treatments, especially the ones that have no symptoms. But removing it can be very easy. You can easily remove it from the comfort of your own home. You just simply dislodge the tonsil stones with a clean Q-tip then you’re good to go.

You can also try avoiding it by simply gargling warm salt water so that the discomfort of your tonsillitis, which is often accompanied by tonsil stones, can be lessened. A number of antibiotics can also be used to treat tonsil stones. Although some may be helpful for other people, they can’t correct the main problem that is causing tonsilloliths and it can have side effects