Audio effects list too wide

I just installed Kdenlive, got it to work, but there are no scroll bars on the audio effects list it shows from 4 pole low pass through declipper, that is all I can see. I want to fade in and fade out. How can do this if I can't see the whole list?

Install addtional LADSPA plugins via your distro package manager.

If there are too many audio effects you can also use the effects list window to add effects. The effects are listed in a scrollable list

But fade in and out can also be done by dragging the top left/right corner of your audio strip in the timeline.

Sorry misread, I thought you we're missing plugins. What version of kdenlive are you using? Recent builds subdivide the list into collapsable menu's I think, rather than a massive list across the screen(s). Not in front of machine to check.