Audio file does not play to full length in clip/project monitor

I am not sure if this should go into the 'bugs' section. Nevertheless posting here.

I have added a audio track (whose original length is 1 min 07 secs) in the project tree. However when i play it in the clip monitor it plays only 46.1 seconds of it. Same happens in the project monitor too. Clip properties also says its 00:00:46:13 length.

Same goes with another sample track i tried adding.. orig length 4:16, but clip properties say 3:05

Anyone has an idea why this is happening?
I am on slackware 13.0 and kdenlive

Had this problem as well several times, until I've converted the mp3s to WAV.

I thought this has been fixed in the meantime though. Atm, with current (dev) versions of MLT, ffmpeg and kdenlive, I cannot reproduce the problem anymore.

I too converted the mp3 to ogg, and the problem seems to disappear...