Audio graphics report on timeline is not correct

Hi, good work for kdenlive 0.8 but there is a problem.
If i open a file audio with kdenlive the preview is not correct.
The same file opened with other programs (for examples audacity) have different preview (in this examples graphics is correct).

This is a big problem for editors who use kdenlive for wedding editing.

Thanks for answer.



some screen shots would probably be very helpful. can you post or link to screen grabs of audio waveform from both kdenlive and audacity?

I attach two snapshot where there is then same file mp3 but the graphics is different

If I remember correctly Dan mentioned this at some point on the mailing-list. So yes we definitely have to refactor this part.
But in my experience it is possible to sync audio based on the thumbnails. When the two wrongs are combined it will work out ;), well, at least sometimes ...

I don't criticize the work make by kdenlive's staff.
I suggest improvements.
I work with kdenlive every day for professional video with big result.

See the video created with kdenlive

I suggest correct this problem.

This are many suggest for the next version:
1) Specify clip's speed by click button dx of mouse.
2) Use fade in and out for text clip
3) When i capture video i want to see how many seconds i have captured