Audio sync

Hello all

I got a question about syncing audio on a music concert, i ve several sources of filmed material and one good audio source
What i wanna do is create a multicam dvd with the good audio source, the question is how do i get the good audio source synched with the footage

Is there a trick to do or just listen and watch, i can play both audio sources together but is there a way do do in kdenlive somewhere, somehow


Yep. Kdenlive has a feature for this align audio to reference.

I get a segfault, but i cannot post it because the forum doesn't like it, so here's a pastebin link:

Nothing strange on the link or is this a failure my way?

from the error I'd guess libvdpau is missing on your system and the build you are using, from wherever you got it from is built with libvdpau enabled in libav / ffmpeg.

So what versio. of kdenlive and MLT are you using. :-)

Libvdpau is installed, version 0.6-1. Kdenlive version is 0.9.6, mlt version is 0.8.8-4, QT 4.8.4. All from the arch repo's or the AUR, 64 bit.

yellow, the settings above are ok or do i miss some?