Audio/Video Out of Sync After Rending & Uploading To YouTube

Hey everybody,

Got a problem here I can't figure out how to fix. I rendered a video in kdenlive for the Web specifically YouTube. When I preview the video in kdenlive, the audio and video stay in sync. When I look at the video on my desktop video player, the video and audio stays in sync.
But once the video is uploaded to YouTube, the video and audio get out of sync. The file is rendered as a .mp4 file. I am using the most recent version of kdenlive

I have no idea why it gets out of whack once it gets into YouTube. I get the impression in kdenlive it will be fine.

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix or what I should do or where to look?

Thanks in advance guys!


Sounds like a youtube issue.
Maybe test using other codecs/formats.

Welcome to the wonderful world of digital media riddled with interoperability issues. We do not know why; you just have to try different things (formats) until you get something that works.