Auto Audio-sync

Hello :-),

I have a question/idea about audio sync. I'll try to explain how I work and what imho could be a huge improvement. Maybe there is a much better way to do it - just tell me. I'm not a professional.

I use a camcorder for the video recording an other device for audio recording. The most camcorder don't have a connector for a microphone. The quality from the separate microphone is much better, than the integrated. At home I try to sync my audio recording with the video recording. If you have a lot of small pieces it is horrible.

THE IDEA: An Auto-sync function would be great. The audio track from the camcorder has a poor quality, but it is synchronal to the video. The function I would like to see should be able to sync the audio track from the other device to the video. I think it could be possible if there is a way to use the audio track from the camcorder. So it is not really an audio/video sync, but an audio/audio sync.

The user should insert the separate recorded audio file into an audio track and sync it manually with a deviation of e.g. +/- 3sec. The sync function should than be able to sync the two audio tracks.

I hope you can understand my terrible English and the Idea have. Maybe there is an other way to get a better audio quality, it would be great to get response.

Thanks for reading this post :-),

I think this idea is actually quite good, and so far, I have not seen anything like this on any of the pro systems! Admittedly, it has a narrow use, but it is well founded and solves a real problem.

Definitely has my vote.

I have some experience with audio matching technology in my day job. I don't regularly work with, but I had an experimental project. This is doable and desirable, but it is awfully esoteric at this time given kdenlive's maturity, and I do not plan to work on this in the near-to-mid-term (over a year).

really interesting idea!