Auto-save of new project too persistent

I currently have auto-save set to once a minute as kdenlive crashes just a little too often
for me...
If I have a new project which I have not yet saved, the auto-save function will pop up a dialogue
box asking for a file name. If I don't give it one for 1 minute (maybe I'm making a cup of tea),
it will pop up another dialogue box. and another. and ... Maybe it should not pop a 'save' dialog up
there is one already active?

It might be best to auto-save to a different file name - unnamed-3-autosave.kdenlive or something.
That is what other auto-save systems do.
However I am *very* happy to have any autosave at all. It has saved lots of angst. So I'm not complaining.


I am currently working on an improved version of the autosave that looks more like a crash recovery feature, saving to a different file, and if Kdenlive crashes, when you restart it it asks you if you want to recover your project. Works quite well for me, I will commit it as soon as Kdenlive 0.5 is released.

I will look at this multiple popup issue.


There is a good example of version control in fwbuilder (Firewall builder) for Kde.

The interface and the usage of RCS is quite smart.

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