automask in kdenlive and ubuntu intrepid

Hi all:


I read about the automask effect here:


But I can't find it on kdenlive (using ubuntu intrepid).

The list of video effects (using english interface) starts with 3dflippo, B, Blue Screen, Box Blur...


However, I can see that there is a file called automask.xml here:


Any hint on how to find and use that effect?

Thanks in advanced, and congratulations for such a wonderful  program (I'm still learning how to master it, but it looks pretty easy for new users)


Yeah I'd also like to know this one

Kdenlive automatically hides filters that are not available on your system. In the case of the automask filter, MLT needs to be compiled with the motion_est module.

So if you don't see the Auto Mask filter, it probably means that your MLT version was compiled with the flag:

You need to reconfigure & compile MLT without that flag, or ask the maintainer's package to do so.


I've just uploaded an updated mlt package with motion estimation enabled. Package is already in build queue and will be available from my PPA.