AVformat missing

Installed Kdenlive 0.7.8 Opensuse 11.2 64 bits
FFMpeg is installed

starting kdenlive MLT checking : no AVFormat module (ffmpeg) !!

How to fix?


multiple MLT installs ? from source or packages, both ?


Installed Kdenlive 0.8-1 pm.1.1 ( packman) openSuse 11.2 64 bits
ffmpeg is installed
libavformat52 is installed
starting kdenlive checking : no AVFormat module (ffmpeg) !!

How to fix?

I am now using openSuse 11.4 x86_64 and kdenlive-0.8-2.2.x86_64.rpm from http://software.opensuse.org

Hi to all
This is my first post in this forum
Big compliments for great work in Kdenlive
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I have the same problem with avformat

My kdenlive is from Sunab ppa and up to 10 day's ago had no problem
Now avformat is missing and kdenlive no longer works
My S.O. is Ubuntu 10.10 and kdenlive is 0.8.0

I have removed all file (Kdenlive ffmpeg mlt etc...) and reinstalled all but without good results

What to do?

Thank you in advance for answer


I made several more attempts, but without success
It very strange this behaviour because Kdenlive stop itself to work some days ago.
Is possible that the problem is some software update of Ubuntu ?

Looks like you have several versions of MLT installed. Suna's repository installs the "melt" executable in /usr/bin/melt, but your screenshot shows that you have melt installed in /usr/local/bin.

So you must have installed melt by another way before. You should remove all MLT stuff in /usr/local, then it should work.

Thank you for answer
Now I have removed MELT from Usr/local/bin
Removed also all MELT and Kdenlive files
After a new installation the error message is the same

I think that the usr/local/bin melt file is the result of my many attempts in order to repair the fault

You must make sure to remove all MLT files in /usr/local.

Make sure to remove:


Then remove the Kdenlive config file:


and restart Kdenlive

Many Thanks !!


To add to the thread:
I had exactly the same problem like antonvdh on (a very old installation of) Debian Sid. MLT was missing the avformat producer and Kdenlive was reporting missing FFMPEG, without reporting any broken libraries. Besides this I also had other symptoms like segfault in postinst script of vlc-nox package and strange things happening with Nvidia binary driver.

What I did was purge my /etc/ld.so.conf of entries that have accumulated there during the years. The file now only inlcudes the .conf files in /etc/ld.so.conf.d and after a ldconfig everything works now.