Bad representation after Rendern

after rendering in a .avi-file I have in the VLC-player a wrong view.
Do anyone know that problem?
See the last picture on this site. The picture with the stripes.



After reading the complete thread from the mageia forum, here a short summary for the non German speaking audience:

* After upgrading your mageia installation blender does not work any more (shows up, but buttons do not react on clicks) and you have black stripes in playback of avi movies, but only for movies being rendered with kdenlive
* The stripes are now also visible for avi movies that have been rendered and played fine before you upgraded your OS.

As a start, the stripes do not look like a kdenlive related problem...

Here some ideas to cut down the cause of the stripes:
AVI is a container format, which codec is used inside (mpeg2, mpeg4, h.264,...)?
If other avi files play well, which codecs do they use?
Do other container formats (e.g. flv, mpeg, xvid,..) play well?

Thanks al25fps, I was struggling there a bit :-)

Sorry for my bad english. MPEG-4 works.


OK, to take a more simple approach: Does any AVI play well after the upgrade?

Any AVI (not made with kdenlive) playing with black stipes after the upgrade is one more argument, that something went wrong during the upgrade. If you have AVIs from kdenlive that played well before the upgrade and do not thereafter, it is also a big hint, that your system upgrade broke something that makes some (at least AVI) video playback fail. You may also want to check, if the latest AVIs rendered with kdenlive play well on some other system (of a friend or so). If it does, kdenlive is not the cause.

I have discovered my mistake.
Ich have AVI rendered with DVCPR050 PAL 4:3. Now I have rendered with DV PAL 4:3 and it works well.