bad result on transition with compressed export

When I insert a wipe transition between two clips, if I export my video to  dv or dvd format, no problem the result is good but if I export it to a compressed format (flv, or xvid  by ex) the result is very bad all along the transition, the rest is good.

if I convert the dv(.avi) or dvd format(.vob) rendered by Kdenlive, to flv by ex, with avidemux, the result is good.
I think that avidemux is using  ffmpeg too,
so the pb may concern kdenlive?

I am using kdenlive 0.7 on mandriva2009.



This is a known issue of Kdenlive. You should create a profile with the same resolution as your source files. And export to the same resolution. Otherwize, the result of transitions is not garanteed. This will change in a near future and developers are working on this issue.

Basicaly, this means that if you work in HDV, export to HDV or MPEG-2 or H.264 with the same resolution. And then open the files in avidemux and export to DVD. Sorry for this issue.

On the converse, if you work in PAL/NTSC, create an empty DV profile and export to DVD. It will work without problem.

Could you tell us more about your camcorder, the files, your kdenlive project profile and export profile. First, please register your camcorder here:

thanks for your answer

I have registered this camcorder (and will register the others when I'll be back home).In that case, I have created a little clip from a .mov (640x480 30i/s avc1-sowt).I inserted a wipe transition between the .mov and an image.png (from inkscape) to realise an animated end credits.

Now I retried all my tests :

simple luma transition:

  • I exported the result to dv pal (720x576 ): the result is perfect
  • I exported the result to mpeg (640x480):the result is perfect
  • I exported the result to flv but now in (640x480) and it works :)
  • I retried in flv to (320x240)...surprise ! because I changed the type of transition : it works !

wipe transition

  • export to dv pal: ok
  • export to mpeg 640x480 : awfull :)
  • export to mpeg4 640x480 : awfull :)
  • export to flv (320x240): awfull :)

Thanks for registration, I really appreciate it.
What was your Kdenlive profile?

I tried two kinds of profile

  • first : dv/pal (default ). All the results above come from this profil
  • second : custom (640x480 - 30i/s 1/1 4/3)

I've retried all the tests with this second custom profile : it's better but the export to flv 320x240 is always bad (better but bad...I can see a part of the scene  and then stripes. With the first profile, this kind of export give me only hatching stripes).

Anyway, Kdenlive is really fantastic :)

Thanks for all.

This issue will be fixed in Kdenlive next release. It will allow export to any resolution.