bad window and other errors on UBUNTU 8.10

Hello First of all: KDEnlive 0.7 is the best Videocutter I have seen on Linux so far. I had it working as a Debianpackage and had a little Video for a song of mine within 2h and the stuff was cut out of crude 3gp-clips from a Nokia-mobile, mixed with other even more crude AVI-clips of unknown origin... But it crashed on me often and broke my packagemanagement so I decided to try the step by step compiling instructions one more time. After activating the backports and doing apt-get upgrade it compiled without errors and now: Under XFCE: It starts to the point saying something like scanning effects, then it stops. No windows, no messages... Under KDE4.1.3: It opens the "You start for the first time" dialogue then it crashes with: X Error: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter) 3 Major opcode: 2 (X_ChangeWindowAttributes) Resource id: 0x2800288 KCrash: Application 'kdenlive' crashing... sock_file=/home/zettberlin/.kde/socket-ubustu/kdeinit4__0 What can I do?


Now I have rebuild the whole thing step by step as you recommend. 2 times trying everything to make it work with no success.
Last thing: I stuck with the /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: av_lfg_init message. Tried everything in the thread regarding this also.


I also installed the 0.7-Package from packman for Open Suse11 - does not work either (libkdecore-trouble...)

So I stop here - I spent 3 days just to make you app work, tried the builderwizard and the tutorial several times. Tried it on Suse11 and Ubuntu Intrepid (hope, I did not smash up my working Ubuntu-Installation by enabeling the backports and messing with /usr - as you recommended)

Your release does not work.

What system do you have it running on, what install method worked for you (if any)?

next update:

Tried the Builderwizard once more now it works, so there is a new conclusion:

The app is great (also loaded my video made with the debian-package without problems).

The builderwizard works but is most strange regarding standards - why installing in an extra-folder when there is a ~/bin directory?

I am just happy to have the app running now and there will be a review in a german Magazine (Linux Intern) in about feb. 09 :-)

There were big efforts working on the Debian packages and the wizard. We need more frequent releases to convince packagers from Ubuntu and other distributions to make good packages. Next release is for Christmas. This should bring better packages.

If you still experience problems, contact us on the mailing list or use IRC, our community is always ready to help.

Bye, Jean-Michel

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