The Best Didgereedoo in the World

It is my experience that most coders love their music and so I thought I would share something very special with you. This is Rodney Boshman, ex heroin addict, ex armed robber, ex alcoholic and all round bad guy. His life was turned around by re-discovering his identity through an elder giving him a didgereedoo and teaching him his tribal heritage. Last Wednesday the new Australian Prime Minister announced in the houses of parliament an apology on behalf of all Australians to those indigenous children stolen from their parents. As one of those children Rodney was in the house to hear the apology. Now, with HRTV and kdenlive you can listen to him playing his didge back in 1998 when we spent some time together working on his story. If you are into music this will blow you away. Particularly listen to the part where he stops playing as you will hear the cycling of the sound around the rock bowl of the landscape. Enjoy and thanks to kdenlive.